Best Snake Proof Boots 2020 – Snake proof boot Review

Looking for the best snake proof boots of 2019?

Most probably, you are a hiker, outdoor lover, or live close to a place where there are lots of snakes. As an avid runner, I love to go outside and explore the beauty of nature. However, like many other things, we should consider that snake bites can be dangerous. If you are in a place where there are lots of snakes or if you are working in such areas, it may be the best thing to do to buy a snake proof boots.

There are lots of boots available on the market which can prevent the snake bites, but why take the risk? Hikers often complain about the snakes, and how it can be dangerous for them. This is why most of the serious hikers usually get snake proof boots. These snake proof boots are designed to keep your leg safe in the wilderness from snake bites.

Every year a lot of people dies or faces fatalities by snake bite. It can be prevented if proper measures are taken, and snake proof boots can come very useful in such scenarios. In this post, I am going to share the best snake proof boots available on the market, and how they can save your leg while you explore the mother nature.

The Best Snake Proof Boots 2019

LaCrosse Men's Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot

LaCrosse Footwear is an American company situated in Portland, Oregon. From 1897, LaCrosse has been making amazing boots for hikers and outdoor lovers. LaCrosse Men’s venom scent APG HD is one of the best snake boots out there in the market. LeCrosse made sure that this snake boot comes with all the features to ensure safety to the wearers.
Leather and fabric are used to make this snake boot. 

A rubber sole has been used for good traction and support to the leg. Also, the upper of the boot uses 1000-denier nylon. You will have great protection from the snake bites. As you can imagine, this boot is also waterproof. As this boot provides 360-degree snake guard protection, you don’t have to fear the snakes anymore. It has a side zip to make the entry and exit much easier.

The 100% waterproof protections make this an ideal boot for hunting purpose. You can hunt all day long without getting your feet bone dry. Hyper-Dri lining has been used to wick away moisture if you sweat. There are many other features offered by this snake proof boot, and some of them are odor-forming bacteria fighting internal membrane, scent-free interior, flexible impenetrable design to provide improved comfort, incredible safety, and the durability.

Moreover, the EVA midsole and the PU footbed is included to offer extra cushioning. You will also find reinforced and abrasion-resistant toe cap to keep your toes protected. Also, the material used for making the rubber outsole provides excellent durability. No matter if you are into hunting, fishing or just roaming in the wilderness, this boot will protect your foot from the snakes.

  • Provides 360-degree snake guard protection
  • Leather and fabric used
  • The hyper-dri lining will wick away the moisture
  • check
    Very comfortable
  • check
    Abrasion-resistant toe cap
  • check
    The internal membrane is capable of fighting odor creating bacteria
  • check
    Upper made of 1000 denier nylon
  • check
    The rubber outsole has high durability
  • check
    EVA midsole and PU footbed for extra cushioning and comfort
  • Runs one or half size smaller, order one or half size larger
  • zipper could be better (Sometimes a little tough to operate) 
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Irish Setter Men 2875 Vaprtrek Waterproof 17” Hunting Boot

Irish Setter is a big name when it comes to the footwear industry. In 1950, Red wing Shoes introduced Iris Setter boots to the world. They were crafted for toughness and durability, which helped them gain popularity among the hunters and workers. They were loved by generations after generations. This short story already gave you a glimpse of the quality of the products of Iris Setter Boots. Iris Setter Vaprtrek uses a technology named SnakeGuard in this lightweight boot. 

If you need to move a lot and don’t like heavy boots, this could be your new boot which also offers a great amount of stability and comfort. Red Wing Shoe used 100% leather, synthetic, and rubber sole to make this boot. This 17” long hunting boot has full-grain waterproof leather with ultra-dry waterproofing system. This ultradry construction merged a moisture management lining with the waterproof component to ensure a dry and long-lasting comfort and performance. It also has the SnakeGuard construction which features a non-woven material that is combined with either leather or nylon to impede thorns, fangs, and other nasty elements interrupting the upper of the boot.

Redwing shoes also used other technologies like Cushing and Realtree. The CuShin comfort tongue technology makes it easier for the users by reducing the pressure from their shin from the top of the boot tongue. The four-way stretch nylon also offers incredible relief and flexibility while walking. Additionally, the internal padded waffle mesh also maintains premium comfort.

RPM technology used in the VarpTrek boot is a breakthrough composite material which will reduce the weight of the boot, to make it more comfortable and added endurance. Considering all of these cool features, I can safely announce the VaprTrek as one of the best snake proof boots on the market.

  • SnakeGuar protection: impedes fangs, thorns and other elements to stop penetrating the boot upper
  • Scentban: kills bacteria and prevents odor from forming
  • Ultradry waterproofing system which keeps the waterproof compartment dry with long-lasting comfort
  • Cushin technology for comfort
  • Offer relief and flexibility while walking
  • ArmaTec abrasion resistant protective covering used
  • Excellent for hunters
  • Camo design
  • Full grain waterproof leather
  • Lightweight RPM technology
  • Not fully waterproof
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Rocky Men Lynx Waterproof Snake Hunting Boot

Since 1932, Rocky Boots had been making amazing boots for hunting, outdoor, work, and other pressing activities. This is a camouflage snake boot which comes with tons of cool features. At first, let’s focus on the Rocky waterproof construction which offers exactly what it says: waterproofing your boot. A lot of manufacturers compromises the breathability when making a boot waterproof, but not the rocky boot. Rocky used 100% textile, synthetic sole, and webbing to make this boot. The material of the upper is Denier Cordura.

This lace-up hunting boot features D-ring hardware with a cushioned footbed to make the wearer feel comfortable. The terra suspension footbed also offers the right amount of support. You will also find a thick and soft EVA midsole inside the boot. As mentioned, the aggressive all-terrain Lynx outsole is prepared to tackle all type of terrains. The toe and the heel cap are reinforced and have a logo patch at the tongue.

  • Waterproof construction
  • High breathability
  • Side zipper for easy on and off
  • 100% textile, synthetic sole, and webbing
  • Lace-up hunting boot
  • Toe and heel cap reinforced
  • Excellent camo look
  • Logo patch at tongue
  • Denier Cordura upper
  • Thick and comfortable EVA midsole
  • Lightweight design
  • Non-metallic shank
  • side zipper can cause problem
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Danner Men Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot

Danner is a fantastic footwear manufacturer which brought a lot of top-notch boots to the market. Danner Pronghorn is a snake proof boot which comes with a 360° snake-proof protection. Danner used 100% waterproof and breathable gore-tex liners in this snake proof boot. Durable full-grain leather and 900-denier nylon upper is used to make this amazing hunting boot. Walking on a snake prone area with this snake proof boot is safe.

Danner used a secure, fast and flexible lacing system in Pronghorn Snake boots. As mentioned above, this is a 100% waterproof boot which has breathable Gore-Tex liners to keep the feet dry and comfortable in different conditions. The outsole of the boot has solid traction over rugged terrain. One bad thing about this boot is it’s semi-locking side zippers, which can be stiff. If you are wondering about the shank, Danner used TPU shanks in this boot.

  • 360° snake-proof protection
  • Speed lace system
  • TPU shank
  • Waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex liner used
  • Sweat and moisture gets out
  • Premium full grain leather and 1000 Denier nylon
  • Can be tightened from toe to top
  • Flexible snake protection fabric used
  • The outsole has solid traction over rugged terrain
  • Semi-locking side-zip
  • Not for heavy chores
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Thorogood Men Snake Bite 17" Waterproof Hunting Boot

As the legends say, If you are exploring the wilderness, it is best to get prepared. Adventuring the outdoor is fun, but if the place has snakes, it is wise to buy a snake proof boot. Thorogood Snake Bite is a snake proof boot which can protect your feet from the venomous snakes and other hazards. This camouflage footwear has a removable dual-density polyurethane PU footbed with ethylene vinyl acetate polyurethane cushioned midsole which offers great support but weighs low.

The boot features a side zip which allows an easy way in and out. As a result, if you want to take off the boot or put on it, you can do it pretty easily. The boot itself has a waterproof construction with nice breathability. The snake guard extreme works excellent and keeps you protected. Additionally, the 3m Scotchguard protector comes very handily. Combined with the waterproof technology, it can prevent the liquid from breaking into this awesome snake proof boot.

  • Side zipper for easy in and out
  • Has dual-density polyurethane footbed and ethylene vinyl acetate polyurethane cushioned midsole
  • EVA PU midsole
  • Made with cement construction
  • Durable
  • X-stream Waterproof technology
  • Scotchguard protection
  • Snakeguard protection
  • Z-trace slip-resisting rubber outsole
  • Narrow
  • Not for wide feet users
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How to choose the best snake proof boots?

This snake proof boots will save your life, so it is wise to know how to pick the best snake proof boot for your next adventure in the wilderness. Getting the most value from these boots are our primary concern. We have listed some of the best snake proof boots and shoes in this article, but we also help you find to land the perfect one for you. Let’s start the factors to consider when buying a snake proof boot.

Snake protection

Obviously, the most important thing to consider is the protection system of the boot. All of the mentioned boots in this article protects from the snake bites. Some of the manufacturers already patented their technologies, and most of the times they are good. Top-notch producers are very focused on making it more secure for the wearers, and you can trust them. One more thing you can do is to check the type of protection they are using. You can see them in the stores, or you can find them online to know the pattern or material of the snake guard/protection.


As the snake proof boots are designed to cover a big part of your leg under the knee, you have to know if you are going to like the design or not. Most of them use a side zipper to make it easier for the wearer to put it on or off. Sometimes, these zippers are flexible, and sometimes they are not. It is wise to choose a snake proof boot with an adjustable side zipper. If they are not, you may have to put oil in there to make the functioning smooth again. But, fear not, most of the times they work perfectly fine.


Just like choosing any other boots, you must take a look at the material of these boots. Leather snake proof boots are highly rated for their toughness, durability, look, break-in time and quality. Leather snake proof boots usually look very nice while offering amazing protection. However, there are lots of low-quality leather snake proof boots in the market that may not have good durability. But, if you are choosing a boot from the top manufacturers, you are completely fine to go.

On the other hand, there are some amazing rubber snake proof boots available on the market. They may not look as tough as the leather snake proof boots, but they offer another amazing feature: waterproof. Rubber boots are better snake proof boot when you are considering the waterproofing. They add an extra layer of security and comes very handy in many areas. A lot of leather boots are also waterproof, but rubber boots are better in this case.


Before we move to the comfort factor, I think now is the time to talk about the price. Since this is a matter of safety, we should focus more on the quality of the boot rather than the price of the boot. Sure, if you have budget issues, or don’t want to spend a lot, there are some good cheap snake proof boots, but it is wise to spend a good amount of money to grab the best snake proof boot. I would suggest you choose a boot which primarily focuses on the safety of the user.


Just because we are looking for protection from snake bites doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice comfort. I do agree that our main concern is protection from snake bites, but we still need to consider the comfort level of the boot. In this type of scenario, I prefer to choose a boot which has a moderate level of comfort while providing top-notch protection from the snake bites. Some of the manufacturers used different technologies to make it easy for the user to walk or stand for a long time with their boots. You will be surprised to know that some of them come with such a comfortable insole that they feel like regular boots to a lot of users.
Water resistance/water proofing

If you are planning to visit a swamp, or somewhere you need a waterproof boot, you better take this factor importantly. There is a difference between water resistant and waterproof. Waterproof boot means it is unaffected by the water where water resistance means that it can resist the penetration up to some degree. So, you will be the one deciding which one you want. Usually, the rubber boots are waterproof, but some of the leather boots also offer the same feature. When submerged under the water, usually the rubbers boots works perfectly fine, but the top leather boots can do that too. We mentioned some amazing waterproof snake proof boots on this article. 


Just in case if you are totally new in this, snake proof boots cover a good part of your foot and lower leg. Usually, the snakes will hide in the terrain, and attack you on your feet or lower leg. As a result, the coverage of protection from snake bite is important. I suggest choosing a boot which has a high shaft that extends over the ankle. If you already checked the boots on this list, you will notice that they are mostly 17” long. It’s because some snakes can strike higher and hit below your knees. If you are sure about what types of places you are going, do a little bit of research on the kinds of snakes in that area. It will help you to choose your snake proof boot more correctly.

Breathability and Air circulation

Air circulation and breathability are essential if you are planning to use the boot for a long time. Since these snake boots are long in size, there is a change that your feet will seat. Manufacturers are using materials that provide high breathability while maintaining air circulation. In such a way, the user will feel comfortable even after a couple of hours of usage. Some of the waterproof boots on this list have high breathability too.

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