Timberland Pro Men Titan 6 Waterproof Work Boot Review

Timberland is one of the top notch work boot makers in the market. They have introduced a lot of fantastic work boot, and Timberland Pro Men Titan 6” is one of them. Our review of Timberland Titan 6” Safety Toe work boot will focus on its material, functionality, durability and more.

Timberland Pro TiTan series is popular for their lightweight and durable construction for using on different types of workplaces. Titan 6” is a waterproof safety toe work boot used for an all-around purpose.

Timberland Pro Titan 6 Review

Timberland PRO Mens 26078 Titan 6 Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot


Timberland Pro Titan 6” is made of leather and rubber sole. It uses Timberland Pro Rubber which is heat-resistant and durable. If you are wondering whether this is oil or abrasions resistant, then you will be glad to know that the specially made rubber compound offers improved resistance to the slipping, oil, and abrasions. As a result, it can be used on almost all surfaces.

The leather used are waterproof to make sure you work on muddy or slushy conditions. The leather used on Titan Pro 6” is treated to bead up the liquid and shed from the surface of the boot. That’s just another reasons to love this fantastic work boot.



Timberland Pro Titan 6” is a lightweight work boot. A single nine size boot weighs only 1.62 pounds. A lightweight work boot makes sure you move easily to the workplace, and Titan Pro 6” ensures that. The boot is available in other sizes, and you are requested to check the actual weight at the product listing page.



Timberland Pro TiTan series’ shoes have one thing in common: they last for a long time. One of the important thing about choosing a work boot is to check the durability of the shoe. If the durability is low, there’s no point in buying them. Timberland Pro Titan 6” men work boot comes with a high durability. The leather and rubber used are of high-quality and lasts for a long time.  The upper is made of leather; the midsole is PU, and the sole is rubber. All of the material used have high durability with a great comfort level. Since they are waterproof, it will last on such workplaces more than a typical work boot.



All hard working person need to have proper comfort for making their working time good. Titan 6” comes with a lightweight design and comfortable materials to help your feet feel better when working. Timberland Pro Titan 6” comes with a premium and soft waterproof leather. The waterproof leather and membrane make sure you get a dry foot.

The Moisture-channeling spacer mesh comfort lining offers high breathability. It comes with antimicrobial treatment to control the odor. So, if the odor is your enemy, you know what shoe can help you minimize it.

Timberland PRO Men Titan 6 review

PowerFit Comfort System

Another great thing about Titan 6’” is the Timberland PowerFit Comfort system. This is a signature feature provided by the Timberland. It uses a combination of ergonomically designed elements in strategically important zones, which offers better movement and critical support. Thus, the user of the boot gets excellent and maximum comfort.



Let’s get one thing straight. We buy work boots because we need the safety. Timberland Pro Men’s 26078 Titan 6” offers excellent safety to the users. It uses steel toe box to protect your toes. There are tons of other features like the electrical hazard protection. We have written more on the electrical hazard in the later part of the article. The shoe is also heat resistant, oil, and abrasion resistant.


Steel Toe Box

This work boot comes with safety toe to protect your toe if any heavy things fall. The safety toe meets the I/75 and C/75 impact along with compression ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 safety standards. So if your work requires you to move heavy objects, which might fall on your toe, it is best to use a work boot with safety toe.  Timberland Pro Men’s Titan 6″ has been used by people from different profession for its safety toe.


Electrical Hazard Protection

Are you working as an electrician? Or you are close to the electrical danger zone? Then this Timberland Pro Men’s 6” will be a savior for you. This work boot meets the F2892-11 electrical hazard standards which offer secondary underfoot protection. Thus, it protects you from the dangers of stepping on a live electrical circuits, electrically-energized conductors, parts, or apparatus. If you are an electrician, then Timberland Pro Titan 6 is an excellent choice for you.



Timberland Pro Titan 6″ comes with a waterproof leather and membrane. The waterproof leather is treated to bead up the liquids the boot may encounter, and it will also shed it from the surface. On the other hand, the waterproof membrane provides a blood-borne pathogen protection. It will be used to keep the wearer’s feet dry.

Timberland Pro Titan 6 sole

Heat, oil and abrasion resistant

This work boot uses low profile rubber outsole which is slip, abrasion, heat and oil resistant. This ensures that you can use this on almost all terrains.



Timberland Pro Men Titan 6” is a waterproof work boot with lots of features. Despite having many features and good functionality, this waterproof shoe comes at a very reasonable price. Shop now at Amazon.com.



  • Full grain soft premium leather used
  • Waterproof leather
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • TiTan alloy safety toe used to protect toes
  • High comfortable
  • PowerFit comfort system used
  • Cement construction offers good flexibility with reduced break-in time
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Timberland Pro rubber outsole is heat, slip, oil and abrasion-resistant
  • The mesh lining is treated with antimicrobial for odor control


  • Durability could be better
  • Might be worn out within couple of months

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Final Verdict

If you have followed the timberland pro Titan 6 Review, you will understand that this work boot has the ability to make your work time better for good. I have personally used a lot of work boots while working in a garage, but this one was special for its numerous safety features. It served me well for a very long time, and I recommend it if you are working near water or electrical zone. Timberland Pro Titan 6 was very special for me, and I still have a pair somewhere in the garage. So my vote goes for this as one of the best work boots, and I recommend you this pair.




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